About CrowdSafety.org

Our experience has been gained from the live music and touring sectors, corporate events, major sporting events, film, theme parks, product launches, airports, train stations, cruise terminals and other national, and international, mass crowd gatherings.

Our consultants have extensive experience of cultural crowd considerations, and are well versed with CDM for UK based projects.

Each consultant is selected based on their proven experience, examined knowledge, communication skills and the ability to deliver the project. We are well versed in multi-agency liaison and the safety management of both normal and emergency situations.

Crowd Safety Consultants are recognised experts in their fields who have consulted for the UK Purple Guide, US Event Safety Guide and for the Australian Live Performance Association.

Through consultation, cooperation and effective communication, we can advise and assist the client/principal designer, in the full risk assessment process, through the identification of the significant hazards and foreseeable risk, to afford compliance with legal, moral and ethical duties.

Cost effective, ‘Reasonably Practicable’ control measures are then designed to reduce any risks to a tolerable level.

Our consultants can provide planning, induction, instruction, monitoring, and review services, throughout the entire project. We can update the Health and Safety Plan and ensure this is communicated effectively to all parties.

We provide Professional Certificates and bespoke training solutions in crowd safety and crowd management planning, the provide delegates with a breadth of knowledge, accrued from international events aiming to reduce, and manage, threats to enjoyment and crowd safety at events. For more information click here.