Eminem Anger Management World Tour 2003

A unique front of stage barrier design, that represented an Upper Case letter ‘E’ to encompass three individual stage thrusts for the performers to use as a key production requirement to interact with the audience.

The barrier design was reviewed to prioritise a safe audience capacity that balanced crowd density and circulation availability, with Means of escape, sight lines and production requirements. Corners of 90 degrees were replaced with 45 degrees, to reduce the likelihood of pinch points and control into this specific area was robustly managed being identified as a significant risk.

A curved secondary barrier system was incorporated to reduce the risk of crowd crushing whilst assisting the egress of the crowd in normal and emergency conditions. Each venue on the tour was different and as such, no two systems were the same, with the exception of the E Barrier. This required significant planning, preparation and safety briefings to ensure all parties were fully aware of their roles and responsibilities.

A showstop procedure was implemented as an override to any emergency situation that included crowd surge, crowd collapse, structural collapse or any other life threatening situation. This was well briefed with production the artiste’s, promoters, local authorities and local security.

The E barrier system, combined with the artiste and audience profile, caused significant concerns for every authority in every city we visited. After a thorough explanation of the processes, procedures and methodology, we satisfied each authority that crowd safety was at the forefront and would be monitored throughout the performance with a robust system in place to stop the performance if needed.