Fire Risk Assessments

Throughout 2016, Crowd Safety Fire Consultants have conducted Fire Risk Assessments across the length and breadth of the UK, for Pubs, Nightclubs, Indoor and Outdoor Events, Arenas and Stadia.

Most of our clients have contacted us after concerns that their current Fire Risk Assessment may not have been “Suitable or Sufficient” whilst others had received stern words from local Fire Enforcement about the suitability of the Fire Risk Assessment.

In some cases, capacities were, able to be increased but in others, the previous fire risk assessment had given the Responsible Person a wholly false sense of security and subjected relevant persons to significant risk from fire.

Crowd Safety Fire Consultants liaise with the local Fire and Rescue Service/Brigade on behalf of clients which serves to assist our Fire Assessors with the viewpoint from the Fire Service and to demonstrate that the client takes their obligation to Fire Safety seriously by the engagement of a competent Fire Risk Assessor for their place of entertainment, licensed premises or major event.

Responsible Person is the descriptor given to identify the person/persons ultimately responsible for fire safety and is enforced by the Fire Service.

Fire Risk Assessments should be proportionate to the risk present and conducted by an assessor competent to undertake the task they are facing. The Responsible Person must satisfy themselves that they are satisfied that their fire risk assessor has the necessary skills, training and experience to conduct a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment for their premises.

“Crowd Safety provides clients with competent fire risk assessors who are Member level of the IFE and IFSM. Our Fire Risk Assessors have a thorough understanding of crowds and human behaviour in an emergency and focus on the licensed premises, major event and entertainment industry’s”.