Fire Safety Training

A major UK venue required Fire Safety training for its management but specifically wanted it to reflect the wide-ranging events, which it hosted, and the issues, which its management team could realistically face.

Crowd Safety provided the client with training that addressed English Fire legislation and looked at various case study’s where fire had occurred in a similar place of entertainment. The training included workshops that addressed the various event phases when a fire related incident could occur. The workshops allowed the Management team to identify areas that had not been previously been considered and would have otherwise adversely affect their ability to effectively manage the incident with large crowds.

“This particular project provoked a blend of differing opinions by a management team who had mixed views on what should happen and others that were in the belief that the Fire Service had the responsibility for Fire Related Issues. Our trainers delivered facts and eroded any misconceptions and myths. We debated the need for each independent event to conduct a fire risk assessment, based on the different fire risk which could range from a concert with pyro, to an exhibition of haberdashery, through to a motorsport event. Each event brings a differing fire load, which could adversely affect the safety of life if not assessed and managed properly”.