Oasis – World Tours 1995 – 2009

Oasis performed to arguably the most notorious audiences in recent decades in the UK. Their concerts have been the subject of police and crowd education syllabuses for many years.

It was apparent that these crowds were volatile and as such a simple and effective system needed to be devised which was instantaneous and minimised the likelihood of confusion, major injury or deaths during a performance.
The safety of Oasis audience was paramount to Oasis and their management who fully supported the notion of the pioneering Showstop Procedure.

This procedure was used countless times, with Oasis between 1997 and 2009, worldwide. There were no crowd related major injuries or fatalities at any Oasis performance.

On the occasions where a single barrier system was used, a dedicated, fully briefed, showstop team, made up of crowd safety spotters in direct communication with each other were engaged. This proved particularly effective in Manchester City stadium in 2005.