Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

The client was approached by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’ Interior Minister, to provide an event, which attracted circa 400,000 persons over 6 days in the capital Riyadh.

The event was to be a free event with registration on the day. The venue had severe restrictions on available queue space, available parking blended with cultural issues such as segregation.
Audience demographics was wide ranging from babies in prams, through to toddlers, teenagers and ageing grandparents.

With less than 4 weeks notice, and a visa process, pre-event crowd modelling and crowd management planning was provided. On receipt of the visas, we were flown down to provide event crowd management and safety advice/briefings to manage the crowds effectively and provide direction to event management.

The event attracted huge crowds, which were managed effectively through briefings, dynamic assessments and the correct response to the ever-changing landscape.

The client was overwhelmed with the service with the Interior Minister stating that his primary concern, for the event, had been crowd management due to the cancellation of another major event out of respect for the passing of the King. The event had far exceeded his expectations and was the best example of crowd management service he had witnessed in all his years.