South Coast Student Union Fire - Health & Safety Audit

A premier South Coast University Student Union required a full review of their current health & safety/fire safety policies and procedures.

Part of this process was to re-assess the occupant capacities and evacuation procedures for the licensed areas.

A comprehensive audit highlighted positive aspects, some out of date procedures and other deficiencies.

The client requested a structured and methodical solution based approach, which prioritised the urgent and essential, through to the non-urgent and non-essential areas, which were proposed with urgency timelines.

A meeting with the local fire authority was arranged where we rationalised the increased capacity. We provided an updated Fire safety management plan, Fire Risk Assessment and site-specific training records for staff.

This communication provided a healthy ongoing relationship with the local fire authority, a trained, dedicated and positive workforce, and a safe place for students and management with the confidence that their legal and moral duties had been addressed.