Village Roadshow

Wet’n’Wild (Sydney) the largest water theme park in the Southern Hemisphere required event safety advice to protect the interests of the Theme Park, its global brand, people attending the proposed event and its legal obligations.

Promoters, who were hiring the facility, had sold 10,000 tickets for an electronic dance party on New Years Eve. The venue became concerned due to the lack of safety documentation and a full safety review was commissioned. The review highlighted legal shortfalls, the fact that blue light organisations/council had not been notified about the event, the lack of transport management, a ticketing system which would have taken circa 6hrs to process everyone through point of entry, unacceptable queues for bars within the venue, stages which would neither fit in their designated place and ultimately no command and control for normal or emergency situations arising from the event.

The advice given to the client was that despite pragmatically trying to resolve issues, the promoter would not concede to practical safety considerations. The event posed an unquestionable significant risk for those attending, others working and those performing and ultimately the brand reputation of the theme park. An urgent meeting with the client outlined my concerns, based on fact and experience, where the decision was taken by the client, to cancel the event on grounds of safety.