Crowd Management

Crowd Safety consultants provide a service to effectively plan for and manage crowds in normal and emergency conditions.

Our plans and contingencies are event specific and consider demographics, historical incidents, culture, available space, occupancy and other relevant factors, which affect the safety and management of crowds in normal and emergency conditions.

Crowd Safety Consultants are professionally qualified and experienced consultants, with a wealth of knowledge to provide cost effective practical solutions throughout the UK and overseas.

Our Crowd Management and Safety services include:

  • Local Authority and Multi Agency Liaison
  • Queue Management
  • Comprehensive Crowd Management Plans
  • Crowd Management Advisor (Onsite)
  • Crowd Risk Assessments (Specific)
  • Evacuation and Invacuation Planning
  • Occupant Capacity calculations
  • Crowd Profiling
  • Flow Rate Analysis
  • Pre-event Safety Checks
  • Briefings
  • Solutions
  • Debrief


My security contractor tells me that they can provide this?

There are some very experienced event security contractors out there who have vast experience in the area of crowd management. My belief is, after years of managing crowds, is that it is more appropriate for the event organiser to have an independent representative, whose sole focus/agenda is to reduce the crowd related significant hazards to a tolerable level. The management of crowds is a specialist area, which many claim to be experts in, but a far less number have first hand experience in particularly at the strategic and tactical levels. History has clearly demonstrated the consequences of poor crowd management and today we have other external factors to consider at mass crowd gatherings.

Isn’t this part of the event safety consultancy?

Yes it certainly can be an element, but the event organiser must satisfy themselves that they have the expertise onboard to manage their crowds and identify the foreseeable risks associated with crowds attending their event. Event safety consultancy is such a broad area which encompasses elements such as: temporary structures, crowds, documentation, plant, contractor documentation review, site safety rules and enforcement, licensing meetings, crowds, fire safety, food safety, dangerous substances, dynamic assessment, accident investigation, first aid and medical and emergency management as some of the areas.

Crowds converge to your event in the knowledge that the event has been planned safely and that they will be able to navigate around the event space with ease through clear signage and information delivery. The event layout should be designed to reduce the likelihood of crowd related incidents and should be based on the type of event, the audience demographics, historical information, topography amongst other areas.

In the event of any emergency, the crowd must be able to reach a place of ultimate safety and not be restricted, or injured, in doing so. Effective crowd management planning involves liaison with site designers from the embryonic phase of an event through to the safe delivery, by monitoring and dynamically assessing the crowd and having contingencies in place that are practical based solutions, such as a clear and effective showstop procedure, briefed to key parties, understood by all and implemented by a competent person as required.

What is a Crowd Management Plan?

A crowd management plan should demonstrate how you will manage your crowd in normal and emergency conditions. It should highlight the specific areas of risk and how you plan to reduce these risks.

Consideration should be given to the demographics, performers, topography, indoor/outdoor event, flow rates, ticketing systems, VIP guests, other events and available resources such as barriers, amongst other things.

There should be a clear overview of the competency of the crowd consultant to demonstrate that the person planning the crowd management and safety is well versed with mass crowd events, specifically your type of event and qualified to do so.

The crowd management plan serves as evidence that the organiser has considered the risks to the crowds specifically. It is a stand alone document which should be prepared using a crowd specialist well versed with this type of event.

It should be remembered that the crowd management plan, like the event safety management plan is a ‘live’ document which requires constant updating and review throughout the event phase, until the public have left the event space.