Crowd Safety is a UK based crowd and event safety consultancy that provides Expert Witness services for criminal and civil cases worldwide.

Our technical analysis and considered opinions are based on our specialist knowledge and the factual evidence provided. Our experience is underpinned by sector specific academic qualifications, professional memberships and a confidence to unravel complexities that serves to assists the trier-of fact in their decision.

Crowd Safety professional areas of competency are in the Event and Leisure sectors, specifically focusing on Crowd related injuries/fatalities, Event Safety related incidents/fatalities, Fire Safety/evacuation incidents and fatalities, and other incidents involving security at Major Events, bars and nightclubs.

Crowd Safety experts have accrued extensive practical experience to assist clients in requesting the specific evidence that serves to rationalise our opinions and also provide legally privileged draft reports to assist in the determination of your plea direction in advance of any trial.

Crowd Safety Expert witnesses have extensive national and international experience working across multiple sectors, within the major events, including, but not limited to, Royal Events, Royal Palaces, sporting events, motor sports, concert tours, festivals, cruise terminals, airports and corporate events spanning over 30 years.

Crowd Safety offer expert witness service for the Defence, Prosecution (Criminal Cases) and the Defence and Plaintiff (Civil Cases).

If you are seeking a reliable and methodical credible expert witness to simplify the complexities and remove all the jargon, please click here to contact us.

“To be persuasive we must be believable;

to be believable we must be credible;

to be credible we must be truthful.”
Edward R. Murrow

Expert Witness Press & Media Enquiries

Crowd Safety Expert’s are regularly approached by the Press and Media to provide expert commentary and analysis on crowd related tragedies.

Members of the press and media may contact us on (+44) 02380 010918 for further information or email;