Mothership Events

Steve, was contracted by one of Australia’s leading event security providers, Reddawn Australia, a company we have used for many years, who had the foresight to bring a UK crowd safety expert to Australia. Steve brought with him an unrivalled international experience in crowd management and safety at the highest of levels which would prove to assist in the safe planning and implementation of major events in Australia.

Heading up Reddawn Australia’s Crowd Management & Safety wing, Steve worked closely with me on all facets of crowd management and safety planning, including the tactical, operational, monitoring, review and compliance elements for events which required his expertise.

We embraced event safety from the embryonic phase of each event, through to the final piece of equipment had left the site. By adopting this event safety mindset, we produced very safe and very successful shows, attended by mass crowds, from a wide range of cultures and demographics, in the knowledge that foreseeable risks had been identified, and any other incidents would be managed effectively.

We have formed a strong working relationship that has enabled us to have worked together on major events and introduced a positive safety culture at events we now work on.

The Australian event industry, has now fully embraced these international event safety standards and I firmly believe that the combination of Mothership Events, Reddawn Australia and Steve’s international experience benchmarked safer events in Australia.

As seasoned event producers and promotors of world class events, we have a responsibility that goes far beyond regulation, but rather extends to moral obligations to protect all persons attending, performing and working and the brand reputation considerations for all stakeholders associated with the event. Steve Allen’ input has aided Mothership Events in raising the benchmark of safety, at the full spectrum of our events. This service would provide absolute confidence to any Event Organiser requiring professional event safety, crowd safety and event fire safety services managed at the highest levels in the event sector, be it corporate, festival, events of national significance, or other events requiring world class safety expertise.

I would be happy to recommend Steve in any event safety capacity and see him as a reliable and consistent event safety professional with a seasoned judgement and pragmatic solutions, who can communicate at all levels, ideal for the evolving event industry.